Ernst Wilhelm Moritz Otto Freiherr Schuler von Senden
Lt General, Commander, 14th Infantry Division

Born: Breslau - 25 April 1812
Died: Dessau - 16 January 1899
Awards: Order of the Red Eagle, 1st Class, Orden Pour le Mérite
PLM: 3 March 1871

He was awarded the Pour le Mérite Order in recognition of outstanding leadership and distinguished military planning and operations. The award recognized his distinction in regards to his action during the battles at:
Noissville on 1 September 1870
Saint Remy on 2 October 1870
Les Tapes-Bellevue on 7 October 1870
Pérrone on 27 & 29 December 1870
Rocroi on 5 January 1871
Bouy and Langres on 17 January 1871
Etuz on 21 January 1871
and in the vincinity of Sombacourt and Chaffois on 29 January 1871.

Biographical data and photo supplied by John Emerson
Ernst Otto Wilhelm Moritz, Freiherr Schuler von Senden, a younger son of General Johannn Friedrich Ernst Schuler von Senden and his wife Theodora von Schweinitz. The father had himself a very interesting career and ended as Commandant of Breslau. He had himself won the Pour le Mérite in 1807. As a side note the elder son of the couple (Karl, 1804 -1893) is the ancestor of all living Schuler von Sendens, including the one who married a Sayn Wittgenstein Sayn some years ago, whose daughter recently married a Ribbentrop.

Ernst Otto entered the Cadetten-Corps in 1829, and was then a Fáhnrich zum 2. Infanterie-Rgt. In 1866 he was promoted Commander of the Third Rheinischen Infantry Regiment No. 29 and later led the combined Infantry Brigade II Reserve Armee Corp. After the war he was General Major 20 September 1866 and Commander of the 17 Infantry Brigade. He participated in the battles of Metz, Noisseville, Bellevue, and then against the Festung Mezieres, and then at the siege of Péronne.

On 5 January 1871 he was given command of the 14th Infantry Division, and with it took the fortress of Rocroy the very next day, being promoted Generalleutnant on 18 January 1871. In February and March 1871 he led that division in the campaign against the army of General Bourbaki. He was given command of the 11 Infantry Division after the war, and retired in 1872. He was awarded the Pour le Mérite on 3 March 1871, and it is supposed that the Order of the Red Eagle upon retirement, 1st Class.

When he died , he was the last man alive who had commanded his own division during the Franco Prussian War. Of his four sons, all became officers in the Prussian Army: one died young, and the other three all reached general's rank. A son-in-law was also a general (Heinrich Oskar Anton Schenk), and another daughter married a Falkenhausen. Their son was the famous Alexander v Falkenhausen (also PlM) and a daughter married Richard Moeller.

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