Karl Ivanovich Mueller
5 May 1824 - Awarded the Pour le Merite Order in recognition of outstanding leadership and distinction in action during the 1814 campaigns. He held the rank of Captain while serving at the time in the Riga Dragoon Regiment and was later promoted to Major on June 15, 1815.
He was part of a group of Imperial Russian officers that were listed on the 1817 Pour le Merite Order Knights List. However, this list was the first indication that these officers had been decorated with the Pour le Merite Order. The officers shown without rank were no longer in military service."
PLEASE NOTE: This painting is the property of Joe Munroe of Washington, DC - He would like to discover more about the portrait of the man that is titled Carl Mueller. We suspect that the portrait could be one of the two Muellers listed for this era. It has also been speculated that both entrees may refer to the same man. The man appears to have been awarded the Ludwigs Order Knight Cross (the medal suspended from the red ribbon), which is a German Order. The other medal suspended from the blue ribbon has not yet been identified.

If you would like to read the description of the other Mueller that might be associated with this portrait, please click here to go to that page.

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