Sir Georg Bidell Airy
Born: 27 July 1801(Alnwick, Noththumberland ) - Died: 4 January 1892( Greenwich )
Mathematician, Physicist and Astronomer, Director of the Greenwich Obvervatory. ( 7th Astronomer Royal )

He discsovered the Astigmatism of the human eye and developed eye-glasses to correct this effect, and also established a first complete theory of the rainbow. He also spent time on many works concerning theoretical and practical optics along with some formulaes and effects related to light-interference-effects via his name ( AIRY-formulae, Airy-disk ).

He was involved in the modernization of the Greenwich Observatory ( so called "AIRY-transit-circle, fixation of the Greenwich meridian )and was essentially involved in the world-wide introduction of the Greenwich "Zero-Meridian" in 1884 ( zero-line for the counting of longitudes ). Contributions to position-astronomy. Further contributions were to the theories of elasticity and vibrations ( AIRY-function ), contributions to earth-magnetism, gravitational theory, celestial mechanics and to the earth's crust. He initiated, 1855, an isostatic modell ( AIRY-HEISKANEN-Modell ) and was in this way a co-founder of the isostatic compensation models of topographic masses. He was also involved in a first determinations of gravity gradients in an mine.

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