Born: 1783 place of birth: Duesseldorf
Died: 1867 dying place: Berlin

Personal record: 1819 go to Munich
1821 to 1824 director of the Duesseldorfer academy of arts
1841 become a director of the citizens of Berlin academy

Peter Joseph von Cornelius (1783-1867) German painter and draughtsman, who belonged to the prominent representatives of the Nazarener. Born and trained in Duesseldorf and at the academy there. He went to Rome in 1811, where he followed the Nazarenern, a group of artists of German romantics modeled after the medieval Bruderschaften, which had focused themselves on the revival of the old-German painting in the fashion of Albrecht Duerers and the Italian Renaissance art. There among other things the fresco drafts developed after the Josephsgeschichte for the Casa Bartholdy (1816, today national museums Prussian culture possession, national gallery, Berlin), those to a set of lucrative orders for Kronprinz Ludwig (late king LudwigI.) by Bavaria led, for which it created and others the Fresken for the Glyptothek and the Ludwig church. In 1824he went to Munich, and in 1819 he became a director of the academy in Duesseldorf. In 1840 he was appointedto the Prussian King Friedrich William IV. in Berlin, where he made several fresco drafts for a Camposanto (cemetery after Italian model) for the planingof a new cathedral building; however, it was never implemented (today national museums Prussian culture possession, national gallery, Berlin). Despite all efforts for renewal, it succeeded only as art but did not overcome a formulaful academic classicism.