Heinrich Bongartz
Leutnant (Reserve), Commander, Jasta 36

He was award the Pour le Merite for distinguished military service, leadership, and his 26th aerial victory. Kaiser Wilhelm II presented him the award personally. On April 27, 1918 he was wounded critically by being hit with a bullet to the head which ended his flying career.

Born January 31, 1892 in Gelsenkirchen in Westphalia
Jasta 36
33 (possibly 36) Victories
Awards: 1st and 2nd class Iron Cross, Knight's Cross with Swords of the Hohenzollern House Order, and the Pour le Merite.

Before the war he had trained to become a teacher like his father, then in August 1914, he volunteered for the army. His bravery and leadership qualities earned him a commission as a Leutnant. Fighting in the mud and cold took their toll on him just like many others, so he applied for a transfer to the German Air Service.
After the war he became the Director of the Aeroplane Inspectorate and helped with deactivation of the German Flying Service. He fought againsts the Spartkists during the post war and was injured seriously in the leg, which ended his military career. Later in life he became the Director of German Air Trade (Luftreederei). He died on the 23 January 1946 of a heart attack at Rheinberg.
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Bongartz, right,  with Loerzer