Hans-Georg Horn
Leutnant A-221 Reconnaissance & Observation Unit, Flying Service

He was award the Pour le Merite for distinguished military service, leadership, and in recognition for having flown over 300 observation and reconnaissance flights. Horn earned the reputation as being one of the best observers in his unit.

Born April 28, 1892 in Berbisdorf in Silesia
Flieger Abteilung A 221 and 39
Over 300 missions flown
Awards: Iron Cross First Class, Knights Cross with Swords of The Royal House of Hohenzollern, Bavarian Military Order Fourth Class with Swords, Military Merite Cross of Saxony, and the Pour le Merite.

He was born the son of a clergyman, Richard Horn. After graduating from Humanistic Gymnasium at Hirschberg, Hans-Georg Horn joined the Infantry Regiment 154 at Jauer as a Fahnenjunker. He was a sergeant at the military academy in Danzig when the war broke out, so he naturally returned to his regiment and went to the front. He was first promoted to Fähnrich and then Leutnant following fierce fighting at Lowgwy, Maas-Hoehen and Combres Hoehe. After being wounded he became interested in the Flying Service like most men that experience injuries and hardships on the front lines. After serving well and being considered one of the best observers in his unit, Horn was given several prestigious awards that are listed above.

Photo of Hans-Georg Horn's Pour le Merite supplied by Dan Egan. After the war it is unknown exactly what Hans-Georg Horn did. It has been suggested by one author that he was the director of Osram Werke, but author Dan Egan was not able to confirm this assertion. At some point Horn moved to Berlin and was caught up in the raise of National Socialism and became a member of the party either by necessity or by choice. By the time he was given membership in the Nazi Party, he was married but had no children. His wife was believed to be Elsa Horn. Hans-Georg Horn was buried on 27 March, 1946 in grave plot Group 71B, Vault no. 70 in the Central Cemetary.

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Horn with pilot Johnke