Ernst Jüunger
Leutnant, Company Commander, 73rd Fusilier Regiment
18 September 1918

He was awarded the Pour le Mérite for outstanding leadership and distinguished military planning and succesful operations on the western front.

Born March 29, 1895 in Heidelberg
Füsilier Regiment 73
Awards: Iron Cross 1st Class, Ritterkreuz des Hausordens von Hohenzollern, Pour le Mérite

He was the son of Dr. Ernst Georg Jünger and Lily (Karoline). He spent his earlier years in private boarding schools, but did not care much for the strict lifestyle, and 1913 decided to join the French Foreign Legion. This was a disappointment and he had to be brought back by his father. When war broke out in 1914, he signed up immediately seeing it as an opportunity to escape once again. During the war he was injuried numerous times and held many different jobs within the army.

It was after the war that he began to start his writing career and found himself on the edge of the political scene in Germany. On 3 August 1926, he married Gretha von Jeinsen who he had met in Hannover a couple of years earlier. When World War II started he was called back into military service in the army and found the army gave him the protection he needed to be able to write. He continued to write after the war and lived til 1998. He led an extraordinary life and more information about him can be found at several websites, one of which is www.juenger.org
1913 1942 in Paris 1998
All Photos were courtesy of MfG C. Heine

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