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Reinhard Scheer
Admiral, Commander-in-Chief, German High Seas Fleet

He was awarded the Pour le Merite Order in recognition of outstanding leadership, distinguished naval planning, and successful operations. It was also given to acknowledge the German naval victory at the battle of Jutland, which happened on May 31 - June 1, 1916. On this date Scheer was promoted to full admiral. He was also awarded the Oakleaves to the Pour le Merite. Admiral Scheer was able to inflict heavy losses on the Allied Powers shipping even though he had a limited number of German warships at his disposal. He also devised the "Auxiliary Cruisers" which proved so successful and effective in maintaining a threat to enemy shipping.

He survived the Great War and lived in the villes located in the Weimar. But apparently his civilian life did not give the veteran the peace and quiet he deserved. His wife, a serving maid were both killed and his daughter was also shot by an intruder that was hiding in their basement. If you would like to see more photos and read more about Reinhard Scheer's naval career and family information, please click here to go to a page about him.