About the site and creators

This website is dedicated to the history of the Prussian Pour le Mérite Order. Information is researched and presented about both aspects of the Order; the Military division and the Science & Arts division. The creators of the website are not eccentric millionaires, unfortunately, so time and resources come when economics permit it. This also means that changes and additions to the website come slowly.

This website may also load slowly depending upon the type of Internet connection you have. The designers have decided to place larger than normal photos on this site due to the fact that people who love history or are doing research generally like to have big clear pictures to view. So please be patient because these large photos are up for your benefit.

We also accept many photos and artwork from guests who love the topic. Some of these submissions have come from families of the recipients and a big THANK YOU goes out to them for sharing their information about their family members. We would appreciate hearing from more family members of recipients.

Further completions of sections of the website are planned for the future, so please come back and visit us from time to time to see what is happening. And if you know of any wealthy philanthropists that wish to help provide funding, well, send them our way.

Since the email address for this website is 11 years old, which means every spam machine has collected and processed it .... All we get is junk email. We are not interested in pills, hookers, get rich quick schemes, dates with strange men or women, porno sites, online college, and other bizarre products that find there way into our in box. :) So it has been decided that if you want to email us, write down the address in the picture below, and hopefully, we'll get it.

Thank you,
Gretchen Winkler and
Kurt M. von Tiedemann