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This Prussia's Legacy site is owned by Gretchen Winkler and K. M. von Tiedemann
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The links below are all websites that have to do with German History or WWI Aviation. If you know of or have a website that you think should be included in this library of links, please contact me with the website address.

To Blauermax Website
Blauermax is my German sister website created by Gert Steidle that covers much of the same content. If you read German/Deutsch, then the Blauermax site may be of interest to you.

To Landsknecht Website is a website dedicated to the history of the German Landsknecht mercenaries of the late 1400's to the very earlier 1600's. This site is still under construction.

To Ravensburg Landsknecht Website, The Society of Former Landsknecht is a website dedicated to the history of the German Landsknecht mercenaries of the late 1400's to the very earlier 1600's. This site is in German and has an authenticity that rivals others.

To Medal site
This site is written in German/Deutsch and in English. It has wonderful pictures of the various German awards and the histories about them. This site also covers other German Orders and Awards. A good site for the collector to visit.

Graphical Story website is a website containing graphical stories involving Landsknechte mercenaries, Templar Knights, and the pilots from the Jagdgeschwader I WWI aviation squadron.
"This website is dedicated to the events and consequences of World War One. We put some emphasis on unorthodox and thought-provoking points of view. We are averse to historicism and military fetishism. And we show people rather than strategic plans or statistics."

1800's German military website
This website is written in German/Deutsch. This site basically covers military history of Germany during the mid 1800's. There are biographies of such famous individuals such as Otto von Bismarck.

Robert Thoms's Berlin Military Cemetery Website
This website is written in German/Deutsch. The author of this site is Robert Thoms. He has written a book about the Berlin Invalidenfriedhof, which is the well known military cemetery that was next to the Berlin Wall, and has posted some of his research and experiences on the web.

 The Prussian Machine Website
This website deals with the German military mostly during World War I. It has a broad range of information that is useful to the World War I enthusiast.

Swedish based world history site is a one-man project by Marcus Wendel. It began in 1994 with a collection of links to policial sites, and it has since evolved into the present shape focusing on military history. This site is available in Swedish and English.
A commercial Website that specializes in historical medals and badges
Military awards, medals, badges and insignia: They hand craft museum quality, full size reproductions of the World's most famous military awards, medals, badges and insignia. And yes, they sell replicas of the Pour le Mérite!

A general history of the First World War
This website is intended to provide information about the First World War. It is authored as time permits and topics are addressed as whim dictates.

History of the ship Moewe
This website is about the German auxiliary cruiser, SMS Moewe, which was the most noted warship during the Great War but has been little recognized as such since hostilities ended.

Naval History Website by Gordon Smith
'.... excellent source for naval history ..... First and Second World Wars, campaign summaries and more.' - Imperial War Museum, London.

Website concerning Iron Cross is an archive & memorial website dedicated to those awarded the German Iron Cross in all its classes. Though the site is in it's early development stages they hope to make it a top resource for family members, historians & others who want to keep the memories alive of the these German Heroes. They also have replica Iron Cross medals & Pour le Merite medals available for purchase.

Website concerning Pilots
This website is written in german. This site provides documentary material with a focus on flying in the time of the First World War, especially the diary, and 15 albums of Lieutenant Werner Dittmann 1914-1918. This project was the starting point and motivation for the creation of the website.