This is the Show and Tell section of the website. From time to time various new items of interest will be posted here. If you have something that you would like to Show and Tell about, please email the webmasters. Please include photos and description of what you wish to share. Just remember that it has to have something to do with the Orden Pour le Mérite. This page loads slowly due to the number of pictures, please be patient.


Photo submitted by Jorge Gordo from Princedom of Asturias,Spain

Jorge has stated this piece is made by Steinhauer & Lueck.

Photo submitted by Phil Whitwam

Phil was trying to determine if this was a very good jeweler's copy.

Photos submitted by Alexander

This variation was unofficial and the insignia were believed to have been of Russian manufacture. Alexander would like to know more about it's actual origin. He has provided an email address to be contacted through concerning this medal. Please contact him at Alex

Photos submitted by Daniel Nathan Garitta

This is the third one of it's kind that has been submitted for information.

Photos from Roy Ricketts of the UK pipe collection

Roy would like to identify the German soldier on the first four pictures. If anyone has any ideas, please let Roy know!

Photos from the collection of Stephen Luczkowski

unusally large Blue MAX with crowned eagles one sided-gilded

Blue max..with Ernst Udet's face ..with dates of 1917-the Blue MAX award year/1941 the year of his death

Blue Max with oak leaf..with Bruno Loerzer's personal cut out pilot's badge..on the left..engraved on reverse with his name and date of Blue Max award 2/12/18..badge to left rare flight badge only given out in 1914

another view of large B.M. with crowned eagles

photo of Bruno Loerzer collection....including rare flight badge

Blue Max---pie shape...with Cigarette case belonging to Bruno Loerzer..engraved to him by his brother Fritz Loerzer--dated l908-1933..a 25th.Anniver-sary gift

a Blue Max...probably from 1960's given out by an Life Ins. Company (FARMER'S award agents with the biggest sales for the reads for the High Flyer in politically incorrect..possibly given out during the period..following the release of the movie The Blue sided

a one sided B.M. possibly used on the early model

Photos from the collection of Drew Chitiea.

Submitted by Ian Macfarlane.

Submitted by Ray Walka.

Submitted by Jerry Katrencik.

Submitted by Jerry Katrencik.

He discovered this photo for sale on Ebay. The question posed about this photo was: "Is Graf Zepplin wearing the Grand Cross?" I contacted Dr. Hamelman, author of many historical books, and he says that Graf Zepplin is not wearing the Grand Cross of the Order Pour Le Mérite, although he is wearing the Grand Cross of the Red Eagle Order. Apparently there were more of the Red Eagle Grand Crosses given out and they have a similiar shape.

Submitted by Gretchen Winkler of United States

This item was purchased off of Ebay under the description that it was a Pour le Mérite Medal for the Arts & Science division of the Order. Obviously there was a language misunderstanding, but Gretchen was pleased with what she received and the price. This is a silver coin that commemorates the founding of the Arts and Science division of the Order.

Submitted by Jans-Peter Voss of Rome, Italy

Peter was given a table that was presented to Colonel von Wulffen in 1871 by the wife of the son of the great grandson of the Colonel. The table is decorated with the Pour le Mérite and the Iron Cross.

Submitted by Jerry Katrencik of Pittsburgh, PA

Jerry has found the following images that he wishes to share. If you would like more information about these images, please look for the german magazine July/August 1992 Internationale Militaria Magazin. Mr. Katrencik, a career draftsman, has touched up the 1805 image to show what the item would have looked like when new.

1794 version 1805 version

1810 version 1817 version

These are more images that have been collected by Jerry throughout the years. Various items were apparently for sale on Der Rittmeister Imperial German Militaria website and Ebay.

A souvenir 1950 airshow item was for sale on Ebay mini PLM sold last year

sold a couple of years ago A wearers copy from Gemistry Antiques and Gem shop on Ebay

This is by Hemmerle brothers of München Bayern, sold last year

mini pin that resecently sold Replica with skull, Hussar's  Legion of Veterans

This is a $5000 desk set currently for sale on Der Rittmeister Imperial German Militaria website
previously owned by Herman Goering himself with a little wearers copy PLM embedded Antique clock
From an Internet auction house Ruby Lane around 3 years ago. Located possibly in antique store in Philadelphia. There was a plate saying that it had been presented to some navy pilot in honor of his being awarded the PLM. The pilots badges around the clock face were all different each one being worth over a grand a piece, and the propellar was the type of early manufacture style with a flat back instead of airfoil on both sides.