Basic Time line of Events *

8 May 1667 - Order of Generosité established.

9 June 1740 - Renamed and established as the Pour le Mérite by Friedrich II.

18 January 1810 - Order Pour le Mérite reserved as a military order.

10 March 1813 - First stated in the foundation document of the Iron Cross that the Oakleaves would be awarded to the Pour le Mérite for extraordinary achievements.

17 December 1817 - Distinctive ribbon established for the Oakleaves Addenda.

1832 - Badge lettering style changed from Italics to Roman letters; blue enamel darkened.

31 May 1842 - Civil class for arts and science established.

18 July 1844 - Crown Addenda established for holding the military order for fifty years.

24 January 1846 - Statues of the civil class revised.

18 September 1866 - Grand Cross badge and star established.

9 November 1918 - All Imperial orders abolished with the Kaiser's abdication.

26 February 1922 - Civil class established as a free association of scientists, scholars, and artists.

4 March 1924 - Civil Order Pour le Mérite approved by the Prussian Ministry of State.

31 May 1952 - Civil class of the order reinstitued by President Theodor Heuss of the Federal Republic of Germany.

18 June 1956 - President of the Federal Republic of Germany became protector and master of the civil order.

27 January 1963 - Statutes of the civil order revised.

30 June 1969 - Amendment to the statutes of the civil order.

* Basic time line structure based upon information provided by David Edkins. (Please see References for more details)

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